What I Did On My Holidays

Chapter 7

L.A. Airport

Day 4 Part 2

Crossing the dateline was uneventful. After getting to Narita, most things would be uneventful. The biggest excitement was the I94W form. This is the entry/departure form that U.S. Customs officials get very officious about. These forms were being distributed on the plane so we could fill them in prior to landing. Unfortunately, the only I94W forms left were in Japanese. A hostess kindly wrote a translation of the questions for me, but we both forgot the other side of the form. So Linda and I filled in the easy bits such as name and date-of-birth but were stumped by the set of yes/no questions on the back. So after seconds and seconds of deliberation, we formulate the cunning plan of getting an English version when we land in the US. At least this seemed cunning after a 9 hour flight, a long, long morning and "dawn" arriving at 2 am personal time.

We land in L.A. Got to immigration. Spot a lady with a handful of I94W forms and ask for two. She says, "Sure, but I only have them in German."

No wucking furries.

Today's story was brought to you by the platform 4 and the language Deutsch.


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